7. Burgh Chambers and War Memorial

7. Burgh Chambers and War Memorial

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Burgh Chambers B&w

The original Burgh Chambers were built in 1867. Extensive additions and alterations were made by the leading Scottish architect, Sir Robert Lorimer, in the 1920s, including the tower incorporating the War Memorial, the carved figure of peace, and the statue of a Border Reiver in front. The tower clock includes a carillon of bells which play “Braw, Braw Lads” at 8pm every evening.

This building is Category B listed.

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Date built:

1867 with Tower, the War Memorial added in 1924-1927

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The weathervane, Fox and Soor Plums, and carved animals and lettering over the doorways.

Building open to the public:

The building is not open to the public, but can be visited from the outside.

More Information

Make sure to walk around the entire building to see all the elements. The QR code is located on the right side of the building (Albert Place), underneath the small balcony.

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This location is accessible to anyone with mobility issues.
Illustration of the Galashiels town crest at the Burgh Chambers, a stone carving featuring two foxes under a plum tree and the inscription "Soor Plooms."
Illustration by Lara Gueldner

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