11. Gala Aisle

11. Gala Aisle

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Gala Aisle B&w

This burial aisle is the second-oldest building on this trail and is part of the Old Town Cemetery. The Aisle, also known as the Scott Aisle, was added in 1636 by Hugh Scott, the Laird of Gala, as a burial aisle next to the former kirk that was built in 1617. This kirk was demolished in 1813 leaving the aisle as a free-standing survivor.

The roof was replaced in 1992. The much-weathered plaque on the south gable once read “Glorie to God in hevin, peace on earth and gud vil among men”.

This building is Category B listed.

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Key Information

Date built:

1636, with later additions

Look up at:

Carved plaque over the south window.

Building open to the public:

The old burial ground is open to the public.

More Information

The entrance to the grounds is at the roundabout further down the road.

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This location is NOT suitable for anyone with mobility issues.
Illustration of Gala Aisle by Sarah Lyons
Illustration by Sarah Lyons

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