1. Galashiels Interchange

1. Galashiels Interchange

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The Galashiels Interchange is the main travel hub in Galashiels and where many visitors first arrive. Designed by D5 Architects LLP, the Interchange was built to replace the existing bus station and serve the new Borders Railway to Edinburgh, which opened in 2015. The upper floors of the building are offices and can be rented out.

The building was designed as a modern interpretation of some of the older textile mills, using natural stone. The regular window openings on the upper floors are partly accommodated in a twisted mansard roof.

A pedestrian route leads directly to the town centre and the building is also close to the National Cycle Route 1.

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The “twisted” zinc-clad roof and the taller dormer windows, which provide ventilation.

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The ground floor, which hosts the bus station, a café and different amenities, is open to the public between 5.45am and 11pm. The upper floors are not open to the public but can be rented out for conferences.

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Illustration by Lara Gueldner

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