9. Old Gala House

9. Old Gala House

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Old Gala House B&w

This building is the oldest on this trail – and probably one of the oldest buildings in town! Old Gala House dates back to the 16th century and retains its original “bastle” house in the heart of the building, which was subsequently extended many times over the next centuries.

The house was originally built by the local laird whose descendants erected New Gala House and laid out the Gala Policies in 1872. New Gala House was demolished in 1985 but the Policies remain to this day.

Old Gala House contains a painted ceiling dating to around 1635 together with a Victorian decorative plaster ceiling in the drawing-room and staircase.

This building is Category A listed.

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Key Information

Date built:

1583 onwards

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The rich variety of chimney stacks, towers and gables.

Building open to the public:

The gardens are free to access all year. The museum is open over the summer, Monday-Saturday 10:00-16:00 and Sunday 13:00-16:00

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Please note that Google Maps lists Old Gala House on the wrong side of the road. Old Gala House is, in fact, right next to the Gala Bowling Club. Have a wander around the gardens at the back of the building!

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This location is accessible to anyone with mobility issues.
Illustration of Old Gala House by Sarah Lyons
Illustration by Sarah Lyons

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