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The community arts programme, ‘Art’N About in Gala’, which is being delivered by Transform Arts CIC and funded by EGT, has kicked off with ‘Fantastic Feast!’, a family arts event held on Bank Street Gardens on Saturday 23rd Sept.  The event was an artistic and interactive take on the idea of a harvest festival, a celebration of food, seasons and community.

Participants let their imagination run riot!  They worked together with 3 local artists and 3 volunteers to collage with recycled materials onto giant fruit and vegetable cut-outs designed by the local explorer scouts, and everyone made sculptures of all the marvellous food they love in clay, and seasonal natural materials.  The food was laid out on a banquet table for all to view, it was so much fun to look at all the creations!  There was also Katie’s music sessions tent in which everyone could take part in creating food and harvest themed songs and music, and a play area with big toys for all ages, hired from the local toy library Play Borders

We asked participants to consider how can everyone in our community can have enough to be happy and healthy.. while taking care of our planet? There was an area for ‘planting’ your ideas for the future on little sticks.  Ideas were written around sharing home grown food, learning about growing, healthy food and where food comes from and access to allotments.

Although there was a bit of rain during the day it mostly held off, and attendance was good, the event felt busy all day, without being overcrowded.  We estimate an attendance of 180, many people stayed for hours and did everything on offer as well as socialising and popping to cafes/shops for lunch.  30 out of 33 who rated the event gave it the highest rating.  We had 57 feedback forms/ contributions from participants, most of the feedback was excellent, people had a fun time and loved it just as it was. Some felt it could have been more widely advertised and others could see it growing into bigger events, with more variety of activities and food stalls.

We are now looking forward to our next event on Market day on 7th October, our Halloween is Coming event on 28th October and another market day event on 4th November.  There are 3 artists working in collaboration with local groups, their work will be showcased later, and a programme of free workshops for adults will be announced imminently.

Fantastic Feast

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