Braw Lads’ Gathering 2024 Declaration Night

The announcement of Braw Lad and Braw Lass was made from the Burgh Chambers Balcony by the President of the Gathering. After dancing the “Dashing White Sergeant” with their Attendants to The Braw Lad and Braw Lass are asked to say a few words before singing Braw Braw Lads’ and Gala’s Braw Braw Lasses with the towns people before descending to the front door of the Burgh Chambers where the Braw Lass is presented with a basket of flowers by one of the local schoolchildren. The newly appointed Braw Lad and Braw Lass are joined by the Attendants who they dance the “Dashing White Sargent” with sets of children selected from every primary school in the area. This is followed by a small private function in the Burgh Chambers before heading to the less formal Declaration Social Night.

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