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Admission by Donation

Music from Ex-Braw Lads’ and Lasses’ Choir,

Galashiels Academy Pupils and Langlee Community Choir.

The Braw Lad will be sashed by our 25th year Braw Lad and Braw Lass, The Braw Lass will be sashed by two of our overseas visitors.

The Investiture of the Braw Lad and the Braw Lass is traditionally held on the Friday night. At this ceremony they both receive their sashes, which will be worn during the next 24 hours. The Braw Lad receives his sash from the Chair of the Ex-Braw Lads’ and Lasses Association and the Braw Lass receives hers from two Overseas Guests. The evening is the precursor for the Braw Lads’ Gathering, such is this ceremonies importance that many visiting Principals from the Border towns are present to witness and play their part in the ceremony.