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John Robb and Vic Galloway – both renowned broadcasters, journalists, authors & musicians – celebrate YOUR town’s pop culture with the musicians, movers and shakers who defined it, the gigs that made it, the art that framed it, and the culture that defied it!

John and Vic will spend the evening taking you on a guided tour of the pop culture history of your town. With local guests for each show, they will celebrate the unlikely icons, the famous faces, the eccentric local characters and the great music minutiae in an entertaining two-hour show that incorporates conversation, off the cuff banter and a Q&A.

The TOWN is the STAR here, as John & Vic examine the great culture that occurs all over the UK. Whether Throbbing Gristle’s days in Hull, Goth being invented in Leeds, Globally renowned funk from the Average White Band in Dundee, Manchester’s early acid house days, or Paul Simon writing ‘Homeward Bound’ in Widnes. Wherever the talk is, John & Vic will literally go to town and examine that post-war musical history.

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