Gala’s new national gallery to make Scotland’s history accessible to all

The national Great Tapestry of Scotland gallery and visitor centre, opening later this year in the heart of Galashiels, is aiming to make the nation’s history, heritage and culture more accessible to all through wonderfully visual storytelling. 

It also hopes to help address the findings of research by YouGov (commissioned by the Great Tapestry of Scotland), which suggest that many people in Scotland have limited knowledge of significant moments in Scottish history that feature in the Tapestry. The research provided additional evidence that the images featured in in the Tapestry could play a key role in helping to address this.

Speaking about the role the new centre could play, Professor Murray Pittock, Pro Vice Principal at the University of Glasgow, said: “Evidence shows that visual imagery can really help people of all abilities to learn more. Projects like The Great Tapestry of Scotland, that really take the time to bring history to life through images and engaging displays, can play a central role in addressing this.”

Sandy Maxwell-Forbes, Centre Director added: “Some of those who have already seen the Tapestry have said that they learned more about our nation’s history, heritage and culture from the Tapestry than anywhere else. 

“Through a range of visual, tactile and digital displays, tours and workshops, our new accessible national gallery and exhibition space will truly build on this and take visitors on a real journey of discovery as they learn about some of the key moments that have shaped our world and guide our future.”

The Great Tapestry of Scotland, hand stitched by a team of 1,000 stitchers, tells the visual story of Scotland’s history, heritage and culture from its formation to present day.

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