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Interest grows in Great Tapestry of Scotland

The Great Tapestry of Scotland centre director has revealed that the new national gallery and visitor centre in the heart of Galashiels is continuing to generate significant interest among tour operators and those keen to visit as soon as it opens. 

Speaking as the country edges closer to reopening following the second Covid 19 lockdown, Sandy Maxwell-Forbes says this presents fantastic opportunities for Galashiels businesses:

“I am delighted to reveal that we have now spoken with almost forty tour operators from around the globe who are keen to bring tours to The Great Tapestry of Scotland as soon it is possible for them to do so. 

“Operators tell us that domestic visitors are keen to book tours as soon as Covid 19 public health guidance allows, and overseas visitors are booking for 2022, 2023 and some even for 2024.

“We have already secured the Tapestry, and with it Galashiels, in existing tour itineraries that previously bypassed the town centre.

“It is clear from all our conversations that our new visitor attraction will present a number of opportunities for businesses in the town, including makers, gift shops, textile experiences, accommodation providers, cafes, restaurants and more.

“Wherever possible we are recommending relevant local experiences, events and businesses that continue the compelling people’s story of Scotland told through the Tapestry itself. We would love to hear more from any Galashiels businesses who are running any Tapestry themed promotions or years ahead.”

The team at The Great Tapestry of Scotland has also been working closely with the South of Scotland Destination Alliance (SSDA) and VisitScotland to ensure the Borders is a must visit destination.

In addition to this, The Tapestry is one of the official partners of Walter Scott 250 – a celebration of the 250th anniversary of Sir Walter Scott’s birth led by The Abbotsford Trust. Sir Walter Scott’s story is told through a dedicated panel of The Great Tapestry of Scotland, and Tapestry’s opening Iconic Scotland exhibit.

For more information a visit liveborders.org.uk/tapestry or walterscott250.com.

To share your relevant Tapestry themed news and promotions, email: tapestry@liveborders.org.uk 

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