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Situated at the heart of the Scottish Borders, yet well connected to the national road network and in close proximity to major cities and airports including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle and Carlisle, Galashiels has the potential to make a significant contribution to the growth of businesses and communities at a local level, as well as the wider Scottish economy.

Historically trailblazers in the electronics industry, Galashiels’ pioneers led the way in an expanding global market.

Today, such pioneers exist in new industries and sectors.

The Borders railway has offered Galashiels an unprecedented opportunity to establish itself as a leading business destination. It has already transformed connectivity and in doing so, has unlocked the town’s potential for growth.

Now, with artisan and innovative businesses launching and operating across a range of sectors, including craft beer, medical research and renewable energy, coupled with ongoing investment and commitment to infrastructure, the town and its immediate surroundings can once again lead the way.

The evolution of the Tweedbank Masterplan, which presents exciting opportunities for residential and business space in the area, is evidence of this recent transformation.

Similarly, the opening of the Great Tapestry of Scotland in Galashiels is expected to bring significant economic, social and education opportunities for the town and the Borders as a whole. Capitalising on the Borders Railway, the new visitor centre is already acting as a catalyst for wider town-centre regeneration.

Galashiels is wonderfully rural but well served from a digital perspective, and with a knowledgeable and skilled local workforce across a wide range of sectors and specialisms, businesses can launch and grow successfully.

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