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Alex Dalgetty & Sons Ltd

Alex Dalgetty & Sons is a fifth generation artisan bakery based in Galashiels, in the heart of the Scottish Borders.

Our philosophy is to stay true to the traditions of the bakery, using high quality ingredients and traditional recipes to create world famous products such as the Famous Original Selkirk Bannock and Scotch Black Bun. The bakery in Galashiels features traditional Scotch ovens which are over 120 years old and are still used on a daily basis. With a small team of skilled and dedicated craft bakers we ensure that we stick to traditional methods and techniques making us unique. We are also proud to say that we always use scratch recipes for all products would never use pre-mixes.

With shops in Galashiels and Melrose also featuring a TeaRoom, and an ever increasing number of retailers across the country keen to get their hands on our products, we are delighted that customers recognise and appreciate the uniqueness that is Alex Dalgetty & Sons.

Our shop on Bank Street in Galashiels was refurbished during early 2020 to an exceptionally high standard, reflecting the high standards that Alex Dalgetty & Sons demand of all the products that the bakery produces. The refurbished shop is widely regarded as one of the most impressive bakeries in the country.

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