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Galashiels is future-focused but with a unique history, vast and full of intrigue.

Sitting at the heart of one of the most distinctive and diverse cultural regions in the country, Galashiels is a creative hub with a range of festivals and events celebrating its rich heritage.

Its Braw Lads’ Gathering, similar to other ‘Common Ridings’ across the Scottish Borders, can be traced back to the 13th and 14th centuries when the townspeople would ride their boundaries to protect their common lands and prevent encroachment by neighbouring landlords.

Today, the ‘Braw Lads’ Gathering’ brings the people of Galashiels together in celebration every June, commemorating local legend, history and tradition.

The Industrial Revolution and the first coming of the railway transformed Galashiels from a village to a thriving town; today, the return of the railway, which has enhanced Galashiels’ connectivity and accessibility at the heart of the Borders, has once again provided a catalyst for change.

Look around, and there’s more to Galashiels than meets the eye. It’s a town to be proud of, a destination full of life, landmarks and legends; it’s a town full of stories to be told and stories still to be written.

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