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Historically trailblazers in the electronics industry, Galashiels’ pioneers led the way in an expanding global market. Today, pioneers exist in new industries and sectors, creating their own history and a new chapter of stories.
The Borders railway has offered Galashiels an unprecedented opportunity to establish itself as a leading business destination. It has already transformed connectivity and in doing so, has unlocked the town’s potential for growth. Now, with artisan and innovative businesses launching and operating across a range of sectors, coupled with ongoing investment and commitment to infrastructure, the town and its immediate surroundings can once again lead the way. In this section you can read about local ambition and diversification, investment and opportunity, from the evolution of the Scottish College of Textiles to Heriot Watt School of Textiles and Design, to Rink Hill, a contemporary holiday home in the Galashiels countryside which is the result of a long harboured desire from its owners to create a unique space from which to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the area.
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New Funding Available for Borders’ Communities and Businesses

New Sheep Seats Installed in Stirling Square

A Little More About The Little Art Hub

Old Gala House to open its doors for the summer season on Saturday 22 June

Galashiels Academy Pupils Explore the Future of Energy Efficiency at Net Zero House

Bank Street Gardens in Gala

Shaping the Future of Galashiels: Community Insights and Upcoming Consultations

Fashion, Textile and Design Students to Showcase their Work at Heriot-Watt School of Textiles and Design

Consultation Event: A Huge Success

Galashiels exhibition shows Edinburgh was weaving Paisley shawls 40 years before Paisley

Showcasing Galashiels 

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