Great Galaleans

Galashiels has enjoyed success and profile nationally and internationally through individuals and teams who have developed their talent locally and gained fame on an even greater stage.
In sport, Gala Rugby Club contributed 30 internationalists to the Scotland national team in its first one hundred years; perhaps most notably, six Gala men played for the Scotland XV who defeated England on successive Saturdays in March 1971. Success has also come in other sports, including the high profile victory for Ryan Mania in the 2013 Grand National at Aintree which was joyously celebrated throughout the town and by Galaleans across the world. Galashiels has also been the birthplace of two artists of note – Thomas Clapperton and Ann Redpath – as well as influential townspeople who are celebrated for their interesting or extraordinary achievements, rather than fame alone. In addition to those noted above, this section profiles of some of Galashiels’ most noteworthy characters from the past and present, including renowned chemist Arthur Lapworth, a pioneer in the field of physical organic chemistry and Scotland international footballer John Collins.
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Douglas Stuart

Untitled Design (14)

Archie Cochrane

Scilla Portrait

Scilla Elworthy

David Crow Image

David James Crow

Jimmy Curran

Jimmy Curran

E Douglas Whitehead

E. Douglas Whitehead

Capt E M Brown Copy

Eric Melrose ‘Winkle’ Brown (CBE, DSC, AFC, Hon FRAeS, RN)

Bank Street Gardens, Galashiels

Andrew ‘Jock’ Wemyss

Bank Street Gardens, Galashiels

Chris Paterson

Bank Street Gardens, Galashiels

Ryan Mania

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