18. Market Square

18. Market Square

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Market Square

Market Square, in the heart of the Galashiels town centre, has had many reincarnations and remodellings. The statue of “Man with Sheep” was presented by the then Laird of Gala, Christopher Scott, in 1971.

More recently and as part of a reconstruction of the square in 2014, lines of the song ‘Kayleigh’ by the rock band Marillion, were carved into the paving stones. The Pavilion Cinema, which has been extensively renovated over the years, faces Market Square and houses some original projection equipment, although not in use these days.

In 2019, a statue of Robert Coltart, the creator of the much loved Scot’s folk song Ally Bally Bee (also known as Coulter’s Candy), was erected. In the song, Coulter was a street seller of sweets and used to sing to entice the kids to buy the sweets.

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Market Square

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