8. Old Burial Ground

8. Old Burial Ground

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Burial Ground

The Old Burial Ground was once the site of the original parish church which was built in 1617. It has many old memorials, the oldest of which dates back to 1679.

Within the grounds, there is the family tomb of Mungo Park, the Borders-born explorer of West Africa, as well as Gala Aisle, which was built in 1636 by Hugh Scott, the Laird of Gala.

While you are here, visit the Gala Aisle which is located further down on the grounds (to avoid having to come back to this location later in the trail). Don’t forget to scan the QR code to get more information about the building!

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17th century

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This location is NOT suitable for anyone with mobility issues.
Photo of Old Burial Ground, enclosed by stone wall and including different sized tombstones and Gala Aisle.

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