2. Scott Park and the Policies

2. Scott Park and the Policies

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Gala Policies By Cat McLaughlin

The Policies feature a number of paths to explore and even incorporate a section of the Southern Upland Way. Look out for the enormous Wellingtonia trees (Sequoiadendron Gigantium) near the entrance, and a grove of 200-year-old oaks in the southwest corner. They were home to New Gala House, the former home of the Lairds of Gala, which was designed by David Bryce. The house was demolished in 1985, leaving behind the “policies,” a name given to the enclosed grounds of a large house.

The Gala Policies now encompass the sites of Galashiels Academy, St. Margaret’s School, the Focus Community Centre, Swimming Pool and Scott Park. The lodge at the entrance to Scott Park was built in 1885, the park being named after the Scott family who gifted it to the town in 1939.

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