Town Trails Inspired Master’s Project Encouraging People to Visit Galashiels

A project to encourage train travellers arriving in Galashiels to explore the local sites was recently completed by a local master’s student.

Moving from Melbourne to Galashiels, Heriot-Watt University master’s student Malsha Kaluarachchige Dona was looking for ways to learn more about the town when she came across the digital visitor trails.

The visitor trails, whose digitalisation was supported by Energise Galashiels Trust (EGT), were created to encourage visitors to spend more time in the town, learn more about the history, and celebrate the local architecture.

Malsha has grown to love the town in her few months here and said: “Galashiels and the local community here has become my home away from home.

“That’s why I wanted to give something back to this town, by creating a project based on some of the historical landmarks here in Galashiels.”

As part of her fashion and textile design course, Malsha created a series of banners to connect anyone who steps off the train station in Galashiels to their environment and showcase what is on offer in the town.

She approached EGT for more information regarding the trails and individual locations, helping to strengthen the growing link between Heriot-Watt University and its student with EGT and the town.

Angela Crow, Trust Manager for EGT, said: “Malsha’s fantastic artwork has captured the beautiful details of some key landmarks around Galashiels, and EGT are delighted to have been able to support her with local information.”

“Malsha’s project will inspire people to learn more about our history and local architecture.”

Discussions to have the artwork displayed at the train station are currently undergoing.

Malsha encourages anyone to visit the town and added: “Galashiels is definitely a town one should visit for its natural beauty, rich history, and second-to-none architectural landmarks.”

The trails can be found on the Galashiels Heartland of the Borders website ( and are freely accessible.

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