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For those who want to explore Galashiels and its surrounding area, there are a variety of routes which uncover hidden treasures, local myth and legend, from the short and fascinating Galashiels Town Trails to long hikes over the hills and moors, many of which offer spectacular views of the town and across the rolling hills.

Centrally located at the heart of the Scottish Borders, Galashiels is also perfectly situated on major walking routes such as the Southern Upland Way – one of Scotland’s ‘Great Trails’ – a long distance route (212 miles) which takes in wonderful landscapes and incredible history from Portpatrick on the west coast of Scotland to Cockburnspath on the east coast.

On a section of the Southern Upland Way above Galashiels, a stone commemorates poet Roger Quin, lover of the Borders and author of ‘Borderland’, who was said to ‘gaze on Scotland’s Eden from the spur of Gala Hill’.

Like all of the other routes, each unique in its own way, it’s a walk worth taking – the view, and the history, is captivating.

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