Gala – Melrose Cycle


8.5 Miles


1. 5 - 2 hours




Easy 8.5-mile tarmac route following Gala Water, crossing the River Tweed and following the Waverley Railway Line. Passing through the village of Darnick before cycling into the charming village of Melrose under the Eildon Hills and passing the famous Greenyards Rugby Ground. Family suitable with one short road section through Darnick village.


  1. Easy – tarmac surfaced shared cycle paths. Road section through Darnick village. Start at the Interchange on Sustrans route spur (1).
  2. Follow shared path blue signs for Tweedbank crossing Stirling Street with the church to your left. Remain on the footpath entering Currie Road onto the crossing at the roundabout.
  3. Ahead on the footpath follow signs for Tweedbank (1).
  4. Gala water to your right and Waverley Railway to your left.
  5. Ahead to iron bridge. Cross bridge and turn left on shared path following Gala Link.
  6. Ahead to Winston Road. Turn left on Winston Road route1.
  7. Go uphill turn right crossing road, follow shared path signed Tweedbank crossing railway bridge.
  8. Stay on path up short hill. Remain on the shared path until the entrance to Tweedbank Railway station.
  9. Cross road here and continue on the shared path signposted for Melrose. After a short distance the path climbs slightly to a road crossing.
  10. Cross straight ahead picking up the shared path again and following until the road crossing at the Lowood to Melrose road junction.
  12. Road crossing is at the junction between the keep left bollards. This is a fast road. Cross straight ahead and then continue on the shared path. After 100 yards there is another road crossing.
  14. Road crossing a fast road. Cross here onto the shared path and turn left along the path before turning right as you enter Darnick Village.
  15. Pass the bus stop you can either remain on the path (watch for kerbs and driveways) OR use the quiet road Abbotsford Road to go through the top of the village.
  16. Turn right into Smith’s Road, then follow the cycle signs and turn immediately left.
  17. Pass the path bollards and turn left onto the shared path towards Melrose.
  18. Continue ahead crossing Chiefswood Road.
  19.  Continue ahead on the shared path. Ahead there is a split just past the refuse bins.
  20. Take the path downhill to the left as you now enter Melrose village at Huntly Road.
  21. Cycle ahead passing the Primary school on the right to the junction with the B6374.
  22. Turn right on the footpath or alight and walk downhill passing the Police Station on your left.
  23. Ahead is Gibson Park, the Greenyards Rugby Ground, and the village centre.

  24. RETURNING From Gibson Park pass the Police Station on your left and turn left onto Huntly Road.
  25. Continue ahead joining the shared path. At the top of the small rise turn right.
  26. Continue ahead crossing Chiefswood Road.
  27. Continue ahead to the end of the shared path.
  28. Turn left travelling under the road.
  29. Turn right on exiting the tunnel onto the shared path.
  30.  Follow the shared path along the main road.
  31. Continue ahead to the road crossing at the roundabout.
  32. CAUTION HERE Crossing a fast road.
  33. Cross at the roundabout onto the shared path.
  34. Turn right and follow the shared path towards Tweedbank.
  35. Continue ahead crossing at the roundabout at the entrance to Tweedbank Railway station.
  36. Re-join the shared path and continue ahead signposted Galashiels Route 1.
  37. Continue ahead following the Waverley Railway Line crossing the bridge over the river Tweed.
  38. At the road crossing with Winston Road, cross straight ahead onto the shared path and turn left.
  39. Continue downhill crossing the bridge over Gala Water and turn right.
  40. Continue ahead following the shared path and the Gala Water.
  41. Continue ahead passing the Borders College. Continue ahead following cycle route signs.
  42. Turn left over the iron bridge crossing the Gala Water.
  43. Continue ahead following signs for Galashiels. Road crossing at roundabout at Asda.
  44. .  Continue ahead on the shared cycle path back to the Interchange and town centre.

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