Gala Hill and Langlee Woodland Walk


11km/7 miles


4 - 5 hours



woodland paths, farm fields, farm tracks and road. Steps and stiles on route.
  1. Follow the Southern Upland Way through Gala Policies woodland to a gate into an open area. Go through the gate and follow the signs left, to a gate. Go left through the gate and follow the path up to the road. Go left along the road(Gala Hill is on your right).
  2. Cross the road and go onto Gala Hill. Follow the path along the edge of Gala Hill enjoying the mixed woodland cover and the views out over Galashiels. When you reach the end of this path turn left through the gate into the field. Walk down the edge of the field to the bottom keeping the fence on your left. You are now on the Southern Upland Way.
  3. Turn right and follow the Southern Upland Way through Netherbarns, taking care when crossing the A7, and down to the River Tweed with views of Abbotsford House, built for and home of Sir Walter Scott. Continue to follow the Southern
    Upland Way to Galafoot Bridge and over a bridge across the Gala Water.
  4. You eventually leave the Southern Upland Way when you reach the line of the old railway. Continue along the roadside on Winston Road to reach Melrose Road. Turn right and cross Melrose Road. Cross Melrose Road, turn right and after
    250m turn left to join the path through Langlee woodland. Continue on the path eventually reaching the top of the woodland strip.
  5. At the old wall, turn left keeping the wall on your right, then through the trees to reach a viewpoint. From here you can see across Galashiels and beyond to the Eildon Hills. The path goes downhill for a short distance to reach the top of a track. Go across the top of a track and through an old gateway on the right; to then follow a path which runs alongside a fence. The path climbs uphill. Keep the field on your right. At the top of the wood, turn left following the woodland path until it passes the transmitter tower. Continue straight on and descend through the trees. The route drops steeply to the gate at the roadside. Go straight across the road and through another gate, signposted for Langlee Community Woodland. At a path junction keep left.
  6. Go through a small gate to enter Langlee Community Woodland. Go straight across onto the golf course descending to reach the clubhouse. Cross the lower part of the golf course at a line of oak trees, giving due consideration to people playing golf. Walk down the steps to the woods by Ladhope Burn. Cross the stone bridge and then a few metres on, turn left to descend on the path through the woods.
  7. At the bottom of the woods, you will come out at a park area. Cross the A7 with care, and High Buckholmside road. Turn right and continue for about 50m. Turn left down a close (narrow passageway) and continue over a bridge and down steps. Turn right then bear left to be close to the Gala Water and then behind some retail outlets to a car park between them. Cross the bridge and turn right along King Street. Cross King Street with care then turn left to go on ahead to the woodland bank. Climb the Darghai Lane steps.
  8. At the top of the steps cross Windyknowe Road and go up Manse Lane to reach Victoria Park. Go across the park to exit at the bottom right-hand corner, by a lane, through Meigle View and across Mossilee Road. Continue along Mossilee Crescent, then Forest Hill until you see a park on your right. Continue down through the park and along a path to the right, then turn left bringing you out on Balmoral Road. Turn right and continue down the road until you reach Gala Policies woodland.
  9. Cross the bridge to join the woodland paths. Keep left on the woodland paths to return to the start of the walk.

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