Hollybush Circular Walk


11km/7 miles


4 - 6 hours



field margins, paths, tarmac paths, minor roads. Stiles and steps on this route.
  1. Follow the Southern Upland Way through Gala Policies woodland for approximately 500m. When you reach an open field turn left and follow the dyke round to a stile. Go over this stile and turn right. You are continuing to follow the Southern Upland Way uphill to the edge of a woodland. Climb over the stile and enter the woodland. Follow the track through the woodland. Take time to stop at the bench on the crest of the hill, enjoying the view to the Eildon Hills. Continue along this path until you reach the stile at the edge of the woodland. Keep following the signs for the Southern Upland Way.
  2. Follow the path through a hummocky field to the next stile. You will continue to follow the waymarkers for the Southern Upland Way until you reach the road. When reaching the road you will leave the Southern Upland Way. When you reach the road turn left. Take the next left turn just before the Yair Bridge. Follow this road for less than 500m then turn right down a track that leads along the river. Head along the riverside for 2.75 km. This is a beautiful section of the River Tweed flanked by mixed woodland on the southern side and birch woodland on the northern side. There are also a number of old gnarled alders between the track and the river. The last section, where the track becomes a grassy bank before the bridge, is part of ‘The Rink’ farm, named after the fort that sits on the hill above the present farmstead. The fort is actually a defended farmstead which dates back to the period between 2500-2000 years ago (Iron Age).
  3. When you reach the stone bridge (Old Tweed Bridge), cross over the stile and climb the wooden steps to the left of the bridge. At the top of the steps go straight ahead and down the cycle track towards Galashiels. Continue along the cycle track as it runs parallel with the road and drops
    down towards the river again. Continue along the minor road onto which the path leads. Look out for a Southern Upland Way waymarker approximately 1.5km along this road and turn left up the bank, you have rejoined the Southern Upland Way at this point, and then turn right at the top. Follow this road to the A7 and cross the A7 with care to ascend the wooden steps at the other side of the road. Turn right at the top of these steps and follow the path until you meet the road. Cross the road and take the track after the entrance to Brunswickhill House.
  4. Go through the hunt gate at the top of the track and follow this track, keeping the dyke on your right side.
  5. At the end of this field on the other side of the gate, there is a monument to a local poet, Roger Quin, with a bench where you can enjoy the views over the town and beyond. (An alternative route from this point can be made by taking a left turn from this junction and returning to Gala Policies via Gala Hill, as shown on the map). From this viewpoint take the right hand fork of the path. At the bottom of the hill go through the gate and continue straight ahead. Follow this road until you reach a T-junction. Turn right down Elm Row and follow the Southern Upland Way signs until you return to Gala Policies.

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