Volunteers Needed to Help Older Adults Get on their Bike!

As many of us will have come to realise over the last year, getting out and about, exploring our local countryside, benefits our physical and mental well-being. While these benefits don’t diminish as we age, our ability and mobility can. Cycling Without Ages aims to change this and Energise Galashiels Trust is thrilled to be launching a Cycling Without Age Chapter, based in the town.

Cycling Without Age is based around five fundamental principles that benefit not only the pilot and the rider, but many more people within our community, from family members and care home staff. The Principles are:

Generosity: Cycling Without Age is based on generosity and kindness. It starts with the generous act of taking one or two older or less-able people out on a bike ride.  

Slowness: Slowness allows you to sense the environment, be present in the moment 

Storytelling: Older people have so many stories that will be forgotten if we don’t reach out and listen to them.

Relationships: Cycling Without Age is about creating a multitude of new relationships: between generations, among older people, between pilots and passengers. Relationships build trust, happiness and quality of life. 

Without Age: Life unfolds at all ages, young and old, and can be thrilling, fun, sad, beautiful and meaningful. Cycling Without Age is about letting people age in a positive context.

Energise Galashiels Trust is working with local sport and culture charity, Live Borders, to operate the Galashiels Chapter, but is actively seeking volunteers to help launch the project. There are seven volunteering roles in total, detailed below:

1. Chapter Captain 

2. Trishaw Pilot

4. Trishaw Co-Passenger

5. Chapter Administrator 

6. Maintenance Provider / Mechanic 

7. Trishaw Trainer

If you would like to volunteer, or find out more about any of the roles, please email hello@galashielsheartland.org.uk

You can find more about Cycling Without Age but clicking here.

Image credit: Cycling Without Age


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