Galashiels Clovenfords Yair Cycle


12 Miles


1 hour




Moderate 12-mile route following Sustrans route 1 and link route (1). Using shared cycle paths, closed road section, busy and quite open road sections. Visit Clovenfords, Caddonfoot, and Yair before returning to Galashiels following the river Tweed. Suitable for confident cyclists.

  1. Starting opposite Galashiels Interchange in Stirling Square, with town centre behind you, turn left travelling along the shared path towards Clovenfords on the Cloven Link route (1).
  2. Continue along Ladhope Vale on the shared path taking care at road crossings. At roundabout of Ladhope Vale and Bridge Place use the crossing as this is a busy junction. After crossing the road, turn right on the shared path and follow blue cycle route signs through the gap in the wall. Continue on the shared path with the Waverley Rail Line on your right. Pass the retail park on the left and the weir on the Gala Water. Continue ahead until the path drops to meet Plumtreehall Brae.
  3. Turn left on this small road section over the steel bridge crossing the Gala Water and then re-join the shared path on the right. Continue ahead on the shared path which turns left into Wheatlands Road. Continue on to the crossing point under the Railway Bridge. Cross road and re-join the shared path. Continue along the shared path with the Waverley line on your right.
  4. On exiting the town continue along the shared path. (The Torwoodlee Estate is on the right). Continue ahead on the shared path following the A72 road.
  5. Continue ahead and enter Clovenfords. Remain on the shared path taking care at road junctions. Follow the blue cycle path sign crossing the roadway and continuing behind the wall. Continue ahead on shared path. Opposite is the Clovenfords Hotel (food and refreshment stop).
  6. At the roundabout use the crossing and continue ahead until the road junction. Turn left into the Caddonfoot Road.
  7. CLOSED ROAD SECTION. This section is a closed road for resident’s vehicular access only.
  8. Continue ahead until you enter Caddonfoot and the road junction with the A707 road.
  10. Turn left on the A707, which is a busy local road. This is National Cycle Route 1 – Sustrans 1.


  1. Continue ahead on A707. Road surface is not ideal in places. The river Tweed on your right and Yair House situated on the opposite river bank. Continue ahead into Fairnilee.
  2. Turn left just prior to the traffic lights on the B7060 road.
  3. At this point there is a river rapid kayak course under the road bridge.
  4. Continue ahead as the road snakes uphill. Continue ahead following the road passing East Lodge and along the upper valley with views of the Tweed.
  5. Continue ahead passing the Rink Farm on the left. Follow signs for Sustrans Route 1.
  6. Continue straight ahead following signs for cycle route Galashiels. At the foot of the hill turn right at the Old Tweed Bridge and pick up the shared path to the left.
  7. Continue on shared path running under the road bridge and alongside the road.
  8. Continue ahead towards Galashiels and Boleside.
  9. Continue onto the quiet roadway at Boleside and travel straight ahead passing the fishing cottages with the river Tweed on the right. Continue ahead through Boleside, looking right across the river to views of Abbotsford House.
  10. Continue to the roundabout under Galafoot Bridge. At the roundabout go straight on or the 2nd exit to Winston Road – sustrans 1.
  11. Turn left at the side of the old Gasworks signposted Galashiels and Railway station. This shared path is route (1). Continue ahead with the Gala Water on the right. Pass the concrete footbridge known locally as the Mushroom Bridge on the right and Borders College / Heriot Watt School of Textiles on the left.
  12. Continue ahead on shared path Galalink. Continue ahead then turn right across the iron bridge over the Gala Water.
  13. Continue ahead on the shared path with the Gala Water on the left. Continue ahead to Asda roundabout.
  14. Take care at road crossing and re-join the path. Continue ahead on the shared path then turn left just past the pedestrian crossing. Continue ahead and return to Galashiels Interchange.





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