Torwoodlee Circular Cycle


5.6 Miles


30 Mins




Easy 5.6 mile, fairly flat tarmac circular route. Cycle mainly on shared cycle paths, estate roads and footpaths. Following the Waverley Rail line and Gala Water to Torwoodlee Estate. Visit Torwoodlee Tower and Golf course prior to returning to Galashiels. Suitable for family rides if all happy with some road crossings.


  1. Starting from Galashiels Interchange turn left to travel along the shared cycle path towards Clovenfords on the Cloven Link. Continue along A7/Ladhope Vale on the shared path taking care at road crossings.
  2. At roundabout for A7 /Ladhope Vale and Bridge Place use the crossing as this is a busy junction. After crossing turn right on shared path and follow blue cycle route signs through the gap in the wall. Continue on the shared path with the Waverley Rail line on your right. Passing retail park on left and the Weir on the Gala Water.
  3. Continue ahead until the path drops to meet Plumtreehall Brae.
  4. Turn left on this small road section over the Steel Bridge crossing the Gala Water and then rejoin the shared path on the right.
  5. Continue ahead on the shared path which turns left into Wheatlands Road.
  6. Continue on until the crossing point under the Railway Bridge. Cross road and rejoin the shared path. Continue along the shared path adjacent to the Waverley Rail line.
  7. On exiting the town continue on the shared path until you come to Torwoodlee Estate gatehouse and estate road on your right.
  8. Turn right through the estate gates and cycle along the estate road.
  9. Slight uphill and round the bend until you see a wooden signpost on your left and a private road sign on your right. At this point turn left off the estate road onto the grass driveway. The Old Avenue. Caution on this grass area due to tree roots which may be slippery when wet.
  10. Carry on ahead on the grass driveway with Torwoodlee Tower straight ahead. Return down the grass driveway to the estate road.
  11. Turn left and continue along the roadway. This is a private road which passes Torwoodlee House. Continue ahead on the roadway crossing a rail bridge entering the golf course.
  12. Continue ahead on the estate road being aware of golfers etc. Exiting the golf course is a steep short uphill section on the estate road.
  13. At the top of the estate road turn right onto the footpath running alongside the main A7 road. Continue on the footpath passing the car wash and the old Buckholm Mill.
  14. As you re-enter the town, turn left down Plumtreehall Brae passing the garages to the footbridge. Cross the bridge on foot.
  15. At the foot of the hill turn left onto the shared path returning into Galashiels and the Interchange.

At Bridge Place turn right o

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